Peter Gunz finds out on episode 7 of "Love & Hip Hop: New York" that he's going be a father again. The rapper's ex-girlfriend, Tara Wallace, broke the pregnancy news to him after keeping it a secret for several weeks.

For several reasons, Peter is less than thrilled to learn that Tara is expecting his baby again. The pair already has two sons together, but Peter is married and is worried how his wife Amina Buddafly will handle the news. There's also the fact that Amina previously revealed she was pregnant but decided to get an abortion after learning Peter was cheating on her with Tara.

Peter gets emotional after Tara drops her bombshell and tells her he's not sure how he's supposed to tell Amina. Tara gets upset and starts crying and tells her ex that she's sick of her love triangle with Peter and Amina. In the end Peter kisses Tara on the forehead and tells her he's going to deal with it.

Earlier in the episode, Amina and Peter meet and viewers find out that they are trying to work things out. Amina says she's happy in her relationship with Peter and the rapper says he wants them to continue moving down the right path. Amina also says she thinks her abortion helped bring them closer together. In a sneak preview of next week's episode, Peter has to sit Amina down and tell her about Tara's pregnancy. Fans will have to wait to see how she reacts to the news.

Also during episode 7, Remy and Papoose go to a wedding cake testing together and Papoose brings up their guest list. Remy says talking about her guest list makes her mad because she's having a few issues with her and Papoose's families. Remy, who was released from prison last year after serving a little over six years, feels some of her family members turned their backs on her when she entered prison.

Papoose, who officially married Remy while she was in prison, decides to set up a meeting with his wife and his mom so they can talk things out. Remy explains that she thought Papoose's mom didn't like her because she went to prison and his mom says it was just a misunderstanding. The two apologize to each other, and Papoose tells Remy she now needs to work things out with her own mother.

Meanwhile, it appears Sexxy Lexxy and Moe Money's solo careers are starting to take off after they decided to breakup their group BBOD.

Lexxy's manager, Rah Ali, is able to set up a studio session for the rapper with French Montana so he can listen to some of her music. French likes Lexxy's music and tells them that he's going to listen to her song again and record a verse for it.

While Lexxy is working on her music, Moe gets some studio time with her manager Yandy Smith and starts to record a new song. However, towards the end of their session Yandy's other client Young B (aka Bianca Bonnie) stops by and gets angry when she learns that Yandy and Moe are working together. Young B got into a fight with Moe in a previous episode.

The two rappers start arguing and Yandy tries to get them to calm down. The episode ends with Young B tossing a drink in Moe's face.