"Love & Hip Hop New York" had its third season premiere on Monday night, but it seems fans are really missing "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta."

The VH1 reality show featured a number of new faces, including rapper Joe Budden, his ex-girlfriend Tahiry, and radio personality Raqi Thunda, among others.

On Twitter, many commented that they missed the cast of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," which included music producer Stevie J, Mimi Faust, and Joseline Hernandez, love triangles, and drama.

“Wish it was Season 2 of LHHATL instead of 3rd season of NY,” wrote @CurlyGirlLexi.

Similarly to the relationship issues Stevie J faced with his artist Hernandez and the mother of his children, Faust, "Love & Hip Hop New York" included relationship drama as well, between Joe Budden, Tahiry, and Thunda. 

On the season premiere, Tahiry, who was with Budden for over 5 years before they split, questions Buddens relationship with Thunda, who denies they were ever physically involved.

Though Budden has a new girlfriend, the overprotectiveness Thunda has for Budden, causes Tahiry to distrust her, leading to the first physical altercation of the new season.

“It looks like Tahiry and MiMi got something in common,” wrote @Shockwaaave.

It seems the vocal Tahiry is already a fan favorite. 

“Tahiry is definitely going to be everyone's favorite this year! #LHHNY,” said @Strangeboy_Muzk. 

Did you tune into "Love & Hip Hop New York" for the season premiere? Is it as entertaining as "Love &Hip Hop Atlanta?"