A lower-carbohydrate diet can be more beneficial than a traditional low-fat diet with the same calorie content in the case of women who are obese and insulin-resistant, a new research has revealed.

The research, the results of which was presented at the Endocrine Society's 92nd Annual Meeting at San Diego last week, was conducted across a sample section of 45obese women aged between 18 and 65 years with insulin resistance.

They were provided with calorie-controlled means that were either low on fats or low on carbohydrates, says the study's lead author Raymond Plodkowski, who works chief of endocrinology, nutrition and metabolism at the University Of Nevada School Of Medicine, Reno.

Research revealed that not all people had the same response to diets. Those with high insulin resistance, a symptom that denotes future type-2 diabetes, seemed to react more to the lower carbohydrate diet in the short term compared to those without the insulin resistance.

The research was funded by weight loss company Jenny Craig which sells prepared foods to its customers. The low-fat diet comprised 60 percent of the calories from carbohydrates, 20 percent from fat and 20 percent from protein. The low-carbohydrate diet comprised 45 per cent carbohydrates, 35 percent unsaturated fats and 20 percent protein.

However, the study has warned that most diets and programs like the Jenny Craig meals are usually about achieving short-term results, with a vast majority of people losing weight early on, eventually gaining it back and in some cases becoming more obese than they were.

Nutrition experts believe that the study should differentiate between good and bat fat as well as good quality and bad quality carbohydrates. They say that low-fat diets have become disreputable as they failed to distinguish good fats from the bad ones.

Similarly, the low-carbohydrate diets may raise similar criticism unless we differentiate between the good and bad varieties. The experts say that fruit, vegetables and real whole grains are a source of good carbohydrates and essential in a healthy diet while bread, pasta and bagels actually account for bad quality carbohydrates that can be avoided.

The study also reveals that one diet does not work for everyone. So, not everyone eating the same packaged food or following the same exercise regimen end up losing the same weight.