So far, the low-yielding currencies; the yen and the dollar, appeal as a refuge is boosted and the appetite of risk of the traders is demolished since today's Initial Jobless Claims for September 26 rose unexpectedly to 551 thousand, whereas the ISM manufacturing dropped to 52.6 for September, indicating that the world's largest economy remains weak and is stillfar awayfrom fullrecovery.

As a result, the euro-dollar pair is plummeting being pulled by the strengthened dollar and is forecasted to slip further according to the one-hour stochastic oscillator, having the euro so far trading at 1.4537 recording a high of 1.4667 and a low of 1.4514 with a resistance at 1.4579 and a support at 1.4470.

As for the pound-dollar pair, it is plunging as well as the euro-dollar pair and shows a tendency of declining further according to the one-hour momentum indicators, having the royal pound trading so far around 1.5948 recording a high of 1.6023 and a low of 1.5922 with a resistance at 1.6028 and a strong support at 1.5862.

Now, turning to the dollar-yen pair, it is dropping as the lowest-yielding asset; the yen, is advancing against the green Benjamin, seeing in fact thepair trading so far around 89.61 recording a high of 90.16 and a low of 89.40 with a resistance at 89.90 and a support at 89.44.