The U.S Dollar advanced today versus major currencies excluding the Japanese Yen as investors headed towards low yielding assets after worries spread regarding the European debt crisis which heavily weighed down the Euro.

The Dollar index which measures the USD's performance versus six major currencies climbed from today's opening level of 80.51 to currently trade at 80.61 recording its highest level at 80.72 and its lowest at 80.31. Gold prices rose reaching $1385.81 per ounce from the opening price of $1381.18. Oil climbed reaching $88.85.

The Euro/Dollar pair fell to trade at $1.3115 between resistance of $1.3180 and support of $1.3080 while recording an intraday high at $1.3183 and a low at $1.3094.

The Royal Pair Sterling/Dollar stabilized to trade at $1.5514 recording a high at $1.5577 and a low at $1.5479. The pair faces resistance at $1.5535 and support at $1.5484.

Finally the Dollar/Yen pair declined to trade at ¥83.79 recording a high at ¥84.12 and a low at ¥83.63, the pair's resistance is at ¥84.25 and its support at ¥83.75, should the pair breach this level, it will meet next support at ¥83.30.