When the older man in the video below woke up one morning, he probably didn't think he'd go down in history as the Luckiest Man In Russia, but that's how he's quickly becoming known on every corner of the Internet. The video of his lucky day was posted on YouTube on July 12, and it's one that will make think about how short life really is.

The video starts out simply enough with some normal, not particularly lucky footage from the dashboard of a vehicle driving along a Russian highway. Then every driver's worst nightmare becomes a reality when a giant construction truck makes a careless U-Turn, cutting off the driver the viewer might as well be riding with.

Both vehicles swerve to avoid each other. Unfortunately at that point there's almost nowhere to go and if they manage to avoid each other the only other option looks to be a gas pump, never a good one for someone who needs a soft, non-flammable landing.

Then we see the Luckiest Man In Russia standing there watching it all go down but unable to get out of the way of two killing machines flying straight at him. Somehow, incredibly, there happens to be a car on either side of where he's standing that stops each of the vehicles from the highway from crushing him to death. The man might have had his car totaled, but he wasn't incinerated in what looked like a certain explosion.

There weren't any serious injuries reported after the accident, although the Luckiest Man In Russia almost certainly needed a clean pair of underpants.