Lucky Boy Silver Corp., the metals and energy exploration company currently developing gold and silver assets in Western Nevada, announced favorable results for preliminary phase evaluations of gold and silver mineralization at one of its recently acquired mine leases.

The Company’s Black Butte Silver Mine is a historic mine lease with great potential for gold and silver resources located in Western Nevada’s Mineral County, right in a major northwest-southeast-trending zone with a variety of proven precious and base metal depositions, and geothermal activity, known as the Walker Lane Mineral Belt.

Since acquisition of the Black Butte site, exploration has produced the discovery of veins extending south (as disclosed in LUCB news release dated Feb. 25, 2010), and the Company has grabbed an additional 82 acres representing the projected gold and silver mineralization.

CEO of LUCB, Kenneth B. Liebscher, noted the ongoing comprehensive analysis and evaluation of all the recently acquired properties (38 unpatented BLM claims, all in Mineral County of which Black Butte is one) as a precursor to efficient prioritization of future developments.

Liebscher spoke of two of the other acquisitions, the Silver Summit and Candelaria properties, pointing out that if the results are anywhere near as promising as the Black Butte data indicates, LUCB stands poised to generate significant future returns for the Company’s shareholders.