No, not exactly, but Chrome 13.0.782.107 (Chrome 13 stable for short) features the highly-touted Instant Pages feature. Ironically, this uses the same basic theory as the classic dial-up modem era's "Turbo Downloader!" (or various other similarly-named features) which pre-loads web pages before the user decides to click on them.

The 21st Century version takes advantage of increased bandwidth and Google's extra decade or two of predictive search research to trim some 2 to 5 seconds off of users' page loading latency (when selecting the top search results, of may see negligible improvements from going to the bottom of the list first).

Instant Pages has been anticipated (no pun intended) since mid-June, but it wasn't until Tuesday's stable release that users got the full on-by-default treatment. In practice, there's no denying that one will feel much less of a 'drag' when navigating to the top few search results, but your mileage may be more or less "instant" depending on the content of the target site -- and, of course, whether Google feels it is popular or safe enough to warrant preloading. Not all sites are, you know.

Chrome 13 isn't all about Instant Pages, however; there's also the nifty print preview in Chrome's "print to PDF" option. According to Google, the "omnibox" (do NOT call it an "awesome bar") "has gotten much smarter in the latest release, making it even easier for you to get back to pages you’ve visited before," writes Timo Burkard, Google software engineer, in the official blog. "Just type part of the page's address or title and look in the dropdown for matching pages from your history."

Perhaps most encouraging of all, Chrome 13 is the result of 30 patched security vulnerabilities, 17 of which netted $17,000 worth of bounties paid to the security researchers that found them. Google seems to be banking on the plan that users will respond to speed and security -- and about 13.5% (and rising) of the browser market seems to agree, according to this month's report from NetMarketShare.

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