Unlike Friday, though the dollar still seems strong, yet the oil is seeing its price rising which helped gold prices to climb up as well.

Now, though that the gold lost almost 16 percent of its value since it reached a record of $1030 an ounce on March 17 and was witnessing a decline in its price on Friday, today  its price is rebounding; the precious yellow metal rose to $861.10/864.10 an ounce from $855.80/857.00 essentially with the support of stronger oil.

Oil prices rose as it reached $116 a barrel on speculation that oil supply will weaken, which of course made the prices rise up as the weak supply can't hold up against the strong demand. The weakening supply, is mainly due to disruptions and militants attacks against Shell's oil facilities in Nigeria and tensions between Iran and the West. And of course, this rise in oil's price helped gold to see the same occurring in its price.

The US dollar remains strong so far as a currency and against other majors but still it hasn't affected oil though they have as we all know an inverse relation, but still the oil prices inclined due to outside reasons as we saw, which boosted slightly gold prices. The dollar is now seen to remain strong especially after the Jobs report released last Friday indicated that the US economy might not be in such a disaster. If true, and investor speculations that the Feds will no longer have to cut rates is right, then we could see a possible reverse in the trend of commodities as the stronger federal currency will grab attention away from both the gold and crude market and as a result further ease inflationary pressures.