Although many fans are upset that “Pretty Little Liars” will be coming to an end after Season 7, it doesn’t mean they won’t still see their favorite stars on the small screen.

Actress Lucy Hale recently expressed her excitement about moving on from the show while also spilling a few details about what happened on the set of the Freeform series, including some love scenes between her and co-star Ian Harding.

On Thursday, Hale shared an Instagram post about her upcoming series “Life Sentence” which will air on The CW. In the photo, Hale is seen onstage at The CW Upfronts in New York City speaking to the audience about the series. “So excited,” the actress captioned the photo.

“Life Sentence” follows a young woman named Stella, played by Hale, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Accepting of her fate that she is not long for the world, Stella makes spontaneous decisions but soon finds out that she is not dying. Coming to terms that she has a long life ahead of her, she must learn to live with the choices she has made after choosing to “live like she was dying.”

Although this is a new gig for Hale, fans know the actress for her role as Aria on “Pretty Little Liars” and her steamy on-screen relationship with Harding’s character Ezra.

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Harding recently released a memoir titled “Odd Birds” in which he detailed moments from the set of the series. He revealed that while shooting their kissing scene in the pilot episode, he “flossed at least three times” and “gargled [mouthwash] between every take.” However, the actress told People that towards the end of the series, Harding dropped the ball in that department.

“I think when we started working with each other we were both super nervous and making sure we were in tip-top shape, and then towards the end we didn’t care,” she told the publication.

Despite the ending of the show, the actress is grateful for her time on “Pretty Little Liars. “I’ve been very lucky and very fortunate. We had such a long run on PLL — and it’s an amazing ending!” Hale said.

The star admitted that starring in “Life Sentence” after “Pretty Little Liars” is “definitely weird, but very exciting.” Hale explained that fans will see her new character Stella deal with the consequences of choosing to live life to the fullest.

“She got married, she thought life was wonderful and her family was perfect, and then in the pilot we find out she’s going to live, so she has to re-figure out everything. She has to figure out who she is … It’s sort of like she knew how to die, but she didn’t know how to live,” the actress explained.

“Life Sentence” also stars Brooke Lyons, Carlos PenaVega, Dylan Walsh, Gillian Vigman and Jayson Blair.

Although a released date for the series has not been announced, fans can still see Hale on “Pretty Little Liars” Season 7 every Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT on Freeform.