Tuesday afternoon’s World Cup match between Uruguay and Italy featured a pair of egregious fouls, as players from both sides took their quest to earn a spot in the knockout round a bit too far.

First, Italy’s Claudio Marchisio, a midfielder, received a red card in the 59th minute for a tackle on Uruguay’s Egidio Arévalo. Marchisio was moving into Uruguayan territory when he lost control of the ball to Arévalo.

Unwilling to concede possession, Marchisio kicked Arévalo hard in the shin instead of making an attempt at the ball. As an injured Arévalo rolled around on the ground, the referee signaled that Marchisio would be sent off.

Later, in the match’s 78th  minute, Uruguay’s Luis Suárez committed a grievous assault on Italian defender Giogio Chiellini. When Chiellini attempted to mark Suárez near Italy’s goal, the Uruguayan responded with a bite to his shoulder.

Subsequent videos and photos of the incident revealed that Suárez had left bite marks on Chiellini’s left shoulder. However, the bite went unnoticed by the referees, and Suárez did not receive a foul for his actions.

If the referees had noticed, Suárez would assuredly have received a red card. In fact, the 27-year-old forward could face a two-year ban for biting under FIFA’s guidelines, according to the Daily Express.

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