LulzSec now has 100,000 followers on Twitter.

That’s pretty fast for a group that only gained notoriety after May 30 when it placed a phony story of Tupac being a live on PBS.

LulzSec (Lulz Security) is an Internet hacking group.  It’s reportedly not linked to Anonymous, another online group that famously hacked organizations it deemed to have been persecuting Wikileaks.

Whereas Anonymous was highly interested in claiming the moral superiority of defending anonymity and freedom, LulzSec cares less about those matters.

Instead, the group claims its main purpose is creating “lulz,” an Internet noun that more or less means laughs.  Its prominent hacking projects, including Sony and a cybersecurity firm, were therefore done for fun and thrills.

Not everyone is a fan of LulzSec, however.  Critics alleged that the hacking of PBS, a media organization, was an assault on the freedom of speech. Moreover, they alleged that LulzSec’s leaking of Sony user data hurt innocent people.

Nevertheless, many appreciate the “lulz.”  LulzSec claims to have received over $7,000 in BitCoin donations.  Now, it has over 100,000 Twitter followers.  Someone even made a LulzSec rap song.

“Thank you for 100,000 followers in just a few weeks; the lulz spree continues onward, blasting holes into the drab Internet battle ship. :D,” the group tweeted.

Below are two LulzSec songs: