The videogame industry has been on a roller coaster ride since its inception. Once viewed as unintelligent and looked down upon, the videogame industry is now as much a part of America as professional sports. One company that has captured the passion shared by the United States is Lux Digital Pictures.

Lux Digital Pictures is a unique company in that it is comprised of several motion picture development, production, financing and distribution brands that have unique and dynamic strategies to successfully compete in today’s entertainment marketplace. Today, Lux took a major step towards enhancing its future with the announcement that it is in production of “Gameplay: The Story of the Videogame Revolution.”

“Gameplay” is being written and produced by Bill Loguidice and Matt Barton, both of whom authored “Vintage Games” and “Dungeons and Desktops.” Loguidice and Barton are also the founders of Armchair Arcade and have become icons in the gaming industry.

“Gameplay” will be a feature documentary film that takes the viewer on a journey of the story of the videogame industry with a comprehensive focus on decisive moments throughout the history of the gaming saga. “Gameplay” will explore mega-hits such as the classic Atari game “Pong” and Nintendo’s “Super Mario Brothers” and will cover all genres and platforms from the late 1950’s until today.

A unique aspect of the film, which will appeal to gamers and historians alike, is the interviews that will be covered by the film with industry greats. The film will conduct interviews with such historic gaming figures as John Romero (”Doom”), David Crane (”Pitfall!”), Steve Meretsky (”Planetfall”), Todd Howard (”Fallout 3″), John Smedley (”EverQuest”) and many others.

“Gameplay” has potential to help the already-growing Lux Digital Pictures expand their company into new horizons. Currently, Lux is trading in the $0.08 range and has continued to produce positive news. If “Gameplay” touches the hearts of consumers, Lux will affect the wallets of investors.

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