Home Decor: Brinkerhoff sculptures celebrate both the beauty and nature of flowers as well as the luxurious materials that they are crafted with.

Columbian-born artist Clara Brinkerhoff creates beautiful sculptural flowers out of glass and metal. She says, The unique and elegant simplicity of these sculptural flowers allows one to full appreciate the reflective qualities of extraordinary materials. My sculptures are works of elegant design and craftsmanship that are intricately intertwined with my lifestyle and philosophy.

Inspired by nature, the flower sculptures offered include the lillie, daisy, sunflower and tulip.

The Lillie is 3850 pieces of Swarovski crystals on a crystal base with a rhodium-plated stem.

The Daisy is 2858 pieces with cast, polished, Rhodium plated on a crystal base.

Each sculpture brings a little bling out of the garden and into the home for a special sparkle that brightens up the room.