Lyfe Communications Inc. operates through its wholly owned subsidiary Connected Lyfe to provide next generation network platforms for entertainment and communications services. The company recently purchased the data provisioning rights to Ygnition Networks Inc.’s multi-family properties in Utah, reflecting efforts of its overall growth strategy.

“Delivery of our network services to multi-family communities is central to our growth strategy,” Robert Bryson, president and CEO of Connected Lyfe stated in the press release. “By focusing on communities across the Wasatch Front we can deliver the level of service expected from a local company, and optimize our operations prior to expanding our national footprint.”

Based in Seattle, Wash., Ygnition provides broadband services exclusively to multi-family dwellings in San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Salt Lake City and Phoenix.

Lyfe Communications seeks to create new IP services for communities getting Internet service for the first time.

The acquisition will expand Connected Lyfe’s Internet services to nearly 3,000 residential units in more than 10 multi-dwelling residential communities, as well as television access rights to two communities in Salt Lake City.

Lyfe said the deal has the potential to generate approximately $2 million in annual revenue through a combined offering with Broadcast television, high-speed Internet and voice services.