Lyfe Jennings is still single and on the hunt for his future wife. The singer, who briefly appeared on Season 5 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” opened up about his dating life, dismissing rumors that he secretly tied the knot with a German model.

Speaking to Hip Hollywood Sunday at the Los Angeles Soul Music Festival, Lyfe said rumors he and model Gwendolyn Amarley were married have no truth to them. “People say a lot of things to make themselves look better,” he said. “But you best believe I would love to be married one day and I’m still looking for her.” The R&B singer added, “When I find her, she gonna be treated like the queen of queens.”   

Lyfe’s love life has been generating a lot of buzz lately after he appeared on the VH1 reality series as Karlie Redd’s love interest. On episode 14 of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” Lyfe fake proposed to his on-and-off girlfriend by pulling out a huge ring and telling her that it was hers. Karlie thought Lyfe was proposing and fell out on the ground, but when she got back up she discovered that it was more of a breakup ring than an engagement ring. “This is a promise ring and I promise you, you’ll never find another man like me,” he told her. “You can have this ring, but you can’t have me.” On episode 15, Karlie and her friend Jessica Dime had her sparkly new piece of jewelry appraised only to discover that it was a fake and cost the singer around $10.

In an interview with Atlanta’s Situations with Wanda Smith radio show, Lyfe opened up about his and Karlie’s messy relationship saying that he doesn’t think the VH1 star is a good role model for his children. “I don’t want to bad mouth the lady, man, but it’s like again, I feel like I’m overqualified for that position,” he said. “It’s always gossip with her; she talking about what this person doing, what this person doing. And I just be thinking, is this somebody I really want to introduce my children to. Is this a role model for my children?”