m-Wise, a mobile content technology provider, today announced the commercial release of its new mobile campaigns analytics suite. Even during our challenged economic situation, the use of mobile devices continues to remain steady. This latest m-Wise release allows business to better manage their current marketing budgets and more intelligently deploy future campaigns.

As marketing budgets are under greater scrutiny during our tough economic times, the new m-Wise analytics suite provides businesses with better idea of how effective their campaigns are. The analytics suite is an online tool that provides fast analysis of mobile content and services advertised by ad words, newspapers, billboards, TV, radio, and Internet campaigns. Extensive analysis can be performed on items such as conversion rates, billable and non-billable users, traffic quantities and sources, unique user and subscriber analysis, purchased content and product analysis.

Built on an OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) engine allows the mobile campaign analytics suite to answer multi-dimensional analytical inquiries within seconds. The new analytics suite can be added to the extensive MOMA data warehouse and legacy reporting suite that provides more than 70 report templates to current m-Wise clients. This latest release offers 18 graphical analytics reports that provide report filtering flexibility by date range, incoming traffic channels, associated mobile campaign, and associated mobile carrier.

The mobile campaigns analytics suite has helped our customers maximize their revenues from advertisements by allowing them to easily understand which TV spots, Internet banners, ad words, web and WAP portals generate the most cost effective results to for their marketing budgets. This tool allows marketing managers to optimize the effectiveness of their campaigns and invest the marketing budget in a substantially more efficient manner, stated Asaf Lewin, m-Wise CTO.