Buyers of Apple's smash hit OS X Lion may have been overcharged multiple times, and in one case, over a hundred extra charges. o

The operating system retailed for $29.99 but one customer paid close to $4,000 through PayPal, according to Apple Insider.

The user says he was charged 122 times through a PayPal account, totaling a whopping $3,878.

Other users have posted on the Apple Support forums that they too have been overcharged for the technology. One user, identified as abhas, posted a PayPal transaction report that showed at least 20 purchases of OS X Lion.

According to Apple Insider, both Apple and PayPal have blamed each other over the mistake, leaving some customers in financial limbo. The issues happened to customers that had a PayPal account linked to iTunes.

Some users within the thread, which had over 50 posts in it, had success dealing through PayPal in getting a refund, though some are still left hanging in the wind with potential overdraft fees on the horizon.

A user identified as teknikks experienced almost exactly those problems.

"All the charges ended up in my bank account today and over drafted it and incurred fees.  Now have to wait days for the refunds to take effect and more days to put them back in my bank account."

 "App Store agents have told me this is now a known issue and Apple is investigating the specific causes.  So far they can only blame an overload in their automated payment system from all the Lion downloads."

Apple may have been overwhelmed with the immediate success of OS X Lion as the company had over a million downloads on the first day.