Apple has released the Gold Master version of OS X Lion to developers, signaling that the official release of OS X Lion is round the corner.

Although no official release date has been announced yet, OS X Lion is expected to be released in July, according to some experts.

The exciting features of OS X Lion, which Apple showcased at the Internet search engine giant’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this year, make it the favorite choice of customers.

For example, automatic Restoration allows the users to resume their application exactly as they had left it.

Another brand-new feature Reboot into Safari can help the users turn their system into an internet kiosk, which means the unauthorized users only can browse the Web and the Safari browser will not show any of the bookmarks on the Mac. Auto Save feature keeps the users' data safe and the version tracked and AirDrop allows the user to share their documents with others easily, wirelessly.

While through Multi-Touch trackpad or Magic Mouse, the users can swipe through files and web pages quickly, Mission Control function can help users organize their open windows, full-screen apps, spaces, and Dashboard easily.

OS X Lion also has features like the LaunchPad, which will allow you to quickly access your installed apps. Another feature, the new iCal helps you keep track of your events, edit them and receive notifications.

FileVault 2 feature will encrypt the entire drive to secure data on your Mac while the built-in restore partition allows the user to repair or reinstall Mac OS X Lion without the need for discs.

OS X Lion will be released as a digital download via the Mac App Store. The users can download the OS X Lion for only $29.99. The same price is applicable to those who are eligible for an upgrade.

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