For just $29.99, you can upgrade to the Mac OS X Lion. 

That’s the price of 30 coffees from food carts, less than 1/16th the price of a basic iPad 2, and 1/4th the price of Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade version.

So not only is Apple stylish and intuitive, it’s also beginning to be cheap and making offers consumers just can’t refuse. 

What exactly do you get for just 30 bucks?

The Mac OS X Lion has over 250 new features in the software, including those adopted from innovations in the iPhone and iPad. 

There are new touchpad capabilities.  Mission Control, the service that allows users to see all the applications that are running on their desktop at a given time, has been revamped. 

The new OS also remembers where you left off in an application and starts there the next time you open it.  It also automatically saves documents as you work.

Perhaps one of the most exciting new features is the Air Drop feature, an innovative way to share files between computers.  Apple's VP of Product Marketing Phil Schiller hailed it as a replacement for the USB thumb drive.”

There's nothing to set-up. It's auto-discover, auto-set-up,” he said.

The Mac OS X Lion upgrade will be available in July 2011.