Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, MacroSolve has burst onto the scene as a pioneer in delivering mobile apps, technologies, and solutions to businesses and government. Today, MacroSolve took another step forward when they announced the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Clear View Technologies to license the Reform XT.

The Reform TX will be utilized to mobilize Clear View’s “BarMaster”, which is a leading alcohol inventory management system that addresses $37 billion in annual inventory loss across the U.S. hospitality industry and is currently being sold through a sale force of 80 people to a large and growing number of casinos, nightclubs and hotels, along with restaurants, resorts and bars. The Reform TX is patented under U.S. Patent Number 7,822,816.

Leading the way at MacroSolve is Clint Parr who serves as the company’s CEO. Parr is quickly becoming a renowned name in his field and has earned respect of peers across the nation for the continual improvement of MacroSolve. Commenting on what this LOI will mean to the future of both MacroSolve and the industry as a whole, Parr was quoted as saying, “ReForm XT, based on MacroSolve’s patented intellectual property, is designed to further advance and mobilize best of breed vertical market technologies like The BarMaster. We look forward to working with Clear View Technologies to create even more value for their customers in their goal to improve inventory management in the hospitality industry. We are monetizing our newly patented IP and are currently in negotiations with several vertical market technology vendors for licensing agreements.”

Paul Mula, who serves as the CEO and Founder of Clear View Technologies, stated, “We have built The BarMaster from the ground up as a fully integrated technology system based upon our patented IP portfolio. We see a great opportunity to augment our product with the patented mobility platform offered by MacroSolve. This creates further value for our customers.”

Currently, MacroSolve is trading in the $0.20 range and just reached a new 52-week high. To learn more about this company, visit their corporate website at: www.macrosolve.com.