MacroSolve, Inc., based in Tulsa, OK and doing business through its subsidiaries, including “Anyware Mobile Solutions”, announced today that they are actively pursuing developing and delivering a portfolio of mobile business apps targeting the underserved needs of small and medium sized businesses in numerous vertical markets. The mobile applications industry is a hot spot recently as demand is constantly growing from businesses and consumers.

MacroSolve’s “’Powered by ReForm XT™” technology is a driving force behind this push. ReForm XT is a mobile data collection platform which simplifies the process of converting paper forms to a digital form that can be utilized on smart phones. Their mobile business applications, MacroSolve’s DineInsight™ and ClubInsight™, were mentioned in the press release as having “quickly gained traction in their markets and are being used by a growing number of customers.” MacroSolve sells these and all of their applications both directly through their increasing sales force and through their network of resellers.

Throughout its 14 year history, MacroSolve has been developing its mobile applications and strategically positioning themselves with partners in the industry in an attempt to be the leader in the industry. With this strategy, MacroSolve intends to increase revenues and take a portion of market share of the mobile apps industry which has been slated to reach figures in excess of $11 billion by 2012. MacroSolve already has developed mobile software systems and products on all major industry platforms including Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Palm.

Another aspect of MacroSolve’s business plan is its “one-of-a-kind” e-mobility marketplace. This e-Marketplace, built in conjunction with the leaders in the wireless space, is anticipated to be the pioneer in bringing together the demand (the 6 million small & medium-sized businesses seeking the benefits and advantages of mobility) with the supply (device manufacturers, solutions providers, wireless carriers, and distributors who have the tools businesses need to capitalize on mobility).

MCVE closed yesterday at $.04 with 102,000 shares traded.