With only two episode left, “Mad Men” fans have begun theorizing more than ever how Matthew Weiner, the creator of the long-running AMC drama, will conclude his award-winning period drama. And according to the showrunner, viewers have cooked up some pretty wild theories throughout the years, like the D.B. Cooper theory.

The executive producer discussed the D.B. Cooper theory on “Conan” Thursday night, explaining that out of all the possible “Mad Men” endings, this one was by far the weirdest.

“I’m not going to dismiss it because I want people to watch the show, but the strangest theory I heard is this D.B. Cooper theory,” he admitted on the late night talk show.

D.B. Cooper was a hijacker who jumped out of an airplane (with a parachute) in 1971 after receiving $200,000 in ransom money.  “There was a lot of hijackings then so it was not unusual to jump out of a plane,” Weiner stated. “And people think that Don (Jon Hamm) is going to become [D.B. Cooper].”

Conan then revealed he may be one of those wacky D.B. Cooper theorist. The talk show host revealed he believes Hamm’s character looks like hijacker who was never found by authorities after he jumped.

“All they have of D.B. cooper is a police sketch and it looks like -- it’s a very handsome guy who could be Jon Hamm,” the red-haired host stated.

But Weiner wasn’t willing to divulge too much into the comparison. “I think all police sketches without mustaches of white guys look like Jon Hamm. He has a very cartoon, favorable features," he said.

The creator then confirmed that the series finale of “Mad Men” wouldn’t end in a fiery crash, which means Don may just survive the final episode. “People think he’s going to end up in a plane crash, which Lionsgate would never pay for,” Weiner quipped of the entertainment company that funded the episode.

However, Weiner did tease Don’s fate in “Mad Men” when he released a mock sneak peek from the final installment. In the clip, a stern-faced Don is seen fiddling with the window in his office. The scene then quickly cuts to a watermelon (dressed like Don) falling from the building, soundtracked to the cartoon noise of an object descending. Seconds later the fruit meets its demise and splatters on the sidewalk.

Could this be Weiner’s way of warning viewers that the series finale of “Mad Men” could end with the death of the fan favorite? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories and don’t forget to tune in to “Mad Men” on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. EDT on AMC.