Beloved 1960s drama Mad Men will return to AMC after a hiatus that has gone on for over a year. Show creator Matthew Weiner, and the rest of his team, have been extremely protective of the show's upcoming plot lines and secrets in the past, but it seems they're so excited about the new season that they have begun to leak information and hints about what the Mad Men characters will do in the fifth season, which premieres on March 25 at 9:00 p.m. EST with a 2-hour-long, plus-sized episode. Here are our best predictions and spoilers for what may come in the fifth season of Mad Men.

How Much Times Has Passed Since Season 4 Ended?

The answer may be more shocking that you expect. the Huffington Post.noticed that in one of the promo photos a copy of Life magazine from 1954 with Rita Moreno is in plain sight on a table. Unless one of the characters happens to be a big fan of Moreno, season five just might send up back a decade into the 1950s.

John Slattery dropped a hint in an earlier interview with HuffPo that may confirm this theory in an interview.

I think this season is the best yet. I really do, he said. We were all commenting that it felt like the first season. We've somehow circled back after all the details and all the plot development that's happened with everybody ... it's kind of circled back to the sort of tunnel vision on each character and various elements of each character that they've dialed in on. It's somehow simpler.

Weiner refused to reveal how much time will have passed since the end of season four, in which Don Draper proposed to a woman he had hired to watch his kids on vacation.

New Relationships For Joan?

Christina Hendricks commanding character may explore new relationships in Season 5. In a new trailer Joan and Peggy who have been acquaintances at the best and have clashed in some episodes are seen happily chatting over cigarettes. Some entertainment sites have even suggested that the new episodes may explore a romantic relationship between Joan and Don, who have shared a remarkably small amount of screen time so far, considering how central the two characters are to the show. Jon Hamm hinted at the possibility in an interview.

The Don/Joan dynamic is something that we do the show goes on, Jon told the Radio Times. They have worked together for a long time, they know one another very well.

Matt Weiner on Season 5

The show's creator has been unusually vocal about the upcoming episodes, speaking to multiple media sources and going on at length about the series' future.

A couple of [themes] have emerged as we have gone on, one of them [being] 'It's every man for himself,' Matthew Weiner said at a cocktail reception held Saturday at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour. There's a line in the third episode where somebody says, 'When is everything going to get back to normal?'

There's a feeling of being in the midst of change, he added. I love that feeling of, 'Right when I think I'm on top of something, right when I think that I have some wisdom from life experience, you just sort of feel things slip away.' And there's this sensation, which I think people have right now - I know I do - [that] there is just so much change going on. I write from what I'm feeling, and I have this feeling right now of like, 'Enough already! Let's just get our feet on the ground and go back to the way it was.' I don't know if anybody else identifies with that, but that's a big part of the season. Just trying to hold on.

He also explained why the premiere is two hours long at the same reception.

 As I started writing [the premiere], it started spreading and spreading and spreading..., he said. I was like, 'There is too much story. I could either cut this thing down, or I think I have a Mad Men movie here.' I had a great team helping me develop this story and we just sort of went for it. And the network was excited. I was like, 'We've been gone for so long, let's give [fans] a big 'Mad Men' movie to start the season.

During a long interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Weiner went into more detail about how Don Draper's character will develop in the upcoming season.

Don's maneuver at the end of last season was really, really selfish and he may have saved the business, but that's what I'm talking about. It's like, how long does it take to learn that lesson? And that's a big part of the season, Matthew said about the show's mysterious protagonist.

We talked about 'life isn't fair' before on the show, but the realization of, like, you really have to deal with your own problems by yourself and other people are not interested, he revealed. That self-interest can be a surprise, especially if you're trying to be good.