Mad Men season four ended when Don Draper (played by Jon Hamm) told his ex-wife Betty (January Jones) that he was engaged to secretary Megan (Jessica Pare), causing the usually unemotive Betty to burst into tears. It's still unclear how much time will have passed between that moment and the season five premiere, which airs March 15 on HBO, but recent quotes from both Hamm and show creator Matthew Weiner suggests that Don won't marry Megan, and may even end up back together with Betty,

I think the most surprising thing for me was how emotional I got, January Jones told the crowd at Paleyfest on Tue. March 13. I was just really choked up when I realized that it really was the end for Don and Betty. Like a lot of the fans I still just kind of held out a little hope. 

Conversely, Jon Hamm said he was not surprised by his characters engagement at the end of last season because of a remark made by Cara Bouno's character, Faye Miller, who predicted that guys like Don are always married within a year.

Sure as sh-t it happened, Hamm joked. Well, he got engaged. He didn't necessarily get married, he added, offering the crowd a huge hint at what will happen to Don Draper in the fifth season of Mad Men.

Matthew Weiner refused to comment on how Don Draper and his fiance's relationship will have developed between last season's finale and the new premiere, but hinted that they may not go through with the marriage.

 He never wears a wedding ring, teased the creator.  

The one thing you can count on is to expect the unexpected from protagonist Don Draper.

That's a thing with Don: You think you know him and then all of a sudden you don't, Hamm told Betty has had the experience with Don. Peggy has had that experience with Don. That's part of Don's makeup - zigging when everyone else thinks he's going to zag. And, yeah, it certainly made for interesting television. has leaked information on the plot of the fifth season's first five episodes.

The two hour premiere, titled A Little Kiss, will feature plenty of conflict as Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) and Roger (Jon Slattery) face off while Joan (Christina Hendricks) struggles with an unnamed houseguest and Don gets a big surprise.

Episode three, Tea Leaves, focuses on the marketing frim, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, working towards expanding their business. While Don and Harry (Rich Summer) go all out for a new client, Peggy (Elizabeth Moss) is given a new responsibility at work.

Peggy's workload will continue to grow in episode four, Mystery Date, while Don sees someone he used to know and Joan makes an important decision.

In the fifth episode, Signal 30, Lan (Jared Harris) embarks on a new friendship while Pete entertains important house guests.