Mad Men” – more than perhaps any other show in the history of television – actively avoids spoilers. There are no books to spoil the fun, and creator Matthew Weiner has developed a reputation for his almost paranoid refusal to reveal any information about coming episodes. However, in an Internet-fueled world, not every secret can be kept under wraps, and we were able to dig up a few tidbits about the final seven episodes.

Here’s everything we know so far about the final episodes of “Mad Men” Season 7:

1. Premiere Synopsis

The synopsis for Sunday’s episode – Season 7, episode 8 – has been posted, even if it does not give away all that much. The title is ominous, “Severance,” and will feature Don tracking down a friend from the past. Who could it be? Viewers would probably welcome a return for Stephanie (Caity Lotz), Anna Draper’s niece from California.

Also, Joan (Christina Hendricks) will run into some problems with a new account, while Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) will be set up on a blind date!  

2. Episode Titles

The titles for the first four episodes of the second half of Season 7 have been released. They are listed below:

Episode 8 – “Severance”

Episode 9 – “New Business”

Episode 10 – “The Forecast”

Episode 11 – “Time & Life”

3. Elevator Excitement

Elevators have always been a key location for some of the show’s most dramatic scenes – think Pete’s (Vincent Kartheiser) “Not great, Bob!” line or Don’s tense rides with Sylvia (Linda Cardellini). Apparently, a scene from Sunday’s premiere will take place on an elevator and it will get pretty heated. In an article in the Wall Street Journal about the use of the location in the show, the scene was described as a “bitter exchange.” But which characters are involved is still unknown.  

4. The Single Life

Don’s marriage ended in the midseason finale last spring, so the final episodes will once again see the ad man on the prowl. Evidently, this will mean a return of some of his more shallow behavior. A review of the premiere in Esquire discussed Don’s obsession in the episode with a vaguely familiar-looking waitress in a diner, as well as a sleazily poetic speech about a chinchilla fur coat.

5. Peggy and Joan

Many reviews are pointing to the premiere being a big episode for Peggy and Joan. The synopsis already revealed that Peggy will have a hot date in Sunday’s “Severance,” but the Esquire review of the premiere claims the pair will also encounter the most jarring sexism either has faced so far on the show – which is saying something. USA Today asserts that the women have the best scenes in the episode.

Watch the trailer for the final episodes of "Mad Men" below:

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