We’re mad for “Mad Men,” which is why we were completely overjoyed when the hit AMC series aired its promo for the show’s finale season. It’s bittersweet, we know. While we can’t wait for Don Draper, Peggy Olson and the rest of our favorite “Mad Men” characters to return during the show’s April 16 premiere, we can’t help be feel a bit sad that this will be our last season watching Matthew Weiner’s brilliantly written drama.

So, what can “Mad Men” fans expect to occur during the last season of the award winning show? Well, according to reports, the final season will be broken down into two parts; the first seven episodes will begin airing on April 13 while the rest will debut in the spring of 2015.

“It is one story running across,” Weiner explained to Vulture. “Much of what is set up in the first seven episodes is paid off in the last seven as we do traditionally, but the stories are denser and the first seven episodes are their own arc.”

The promo for the first part of the series finale insists that there will be more drama than ever. The last time we saw Don, he was being told to take time off from work to “regroup” with no return date in site. Has our protagonist’s advertising career ended for good? After he single handedly sabotaged the agency’s shot at Hersey, in addition to his erratic behavior, we wouldn’t be surprised if Don’s position at Sterling Coopers was reconsidered.

But it’s not only Don’s job that’s being threatened in Season 7 of “Mad Men.” Well also see him struggle with his relationships during the final season -- but then again, when is Don not struggling in the love department.

“Why is sex the definition of being close to someone?” we hear Don ask in the trailer for the upcoming season.

Although Don’s life may be in shambles when Season 7 begins, there’s one moment that sheds light on his seemingly dark life. “The day you saw something in me, my whole life changed,” Peggy said to Don. It seems like just yesterday Peggy was grabbing coffee and getting oogled by men. Now the tough and fierce women is taking the world by storm -- and it’s thanks to one man who gave her a chance to prove herself. But can Don give the same faith her gave Peggy to Joan?

Mad Men Season 7 Spoilers What will happen when "Mad Men" premieres its final season of April 13. Photo: Mad Men

“Just once I’d like to hear you use the word ‘we,’” she said forcefully.

What do you think will happen during the final season of “Mad Men”? Let us know your predictions for the upcoming premiere in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into “Mad Men” when the AMC series airs Sunday, April 13.