“Mad Men” might be starting its final season on April 13, but that hasn’t deterred Matthew Weiner from adding a slew of new characters to the Season 7 storyline. The only question is: Why? Why would the creator of the hit AMC series want to bring in new faces when he’s in the process of wrapping up the long-running series? One word: drama.

We doubt Weiner would add new cast members without a purpose, especially during such a pivotal season of the show. With that said, we have a feeling the new characters of “Mad Men” will be vital to the plot of the final season — especially when it comes to finishing Don Draper’s story.

Jon Hamm’s character was at an odd point in his life at Season 6's finale. After exhibiting unappealing qualities one would want to have in a lead advertiser, Sterling Cooper had given their former star seller the ax. Well, kind of. They told Don to take some time away from the office and “regroup.” But, according to the leaked promo of Season 7, it looks like the show’s protagonist is doing anything but that.

How do the new characters come into play? We theorized with Don’s absence from the office, Sterling Cooper will want to replace him for the time being. Could one of the new characters be taking on the role of Don’s replacement? There are only a few things Don holds dear to his heart: alcohol, cigarettes and his job. If he does get replaced, this could be an event that sets him into a downward spiral.

Spoilers have revealed three new character names  for Season 7: Dennis Ford, Will Scully and Ferg Donnelly. Could one of these men be playing Don’s nemesis during Season 7? Maybe the competition would be good for the hunky ad man.

“Mad Men” will also be introducing a new housewife to the final season, Diana. The new character is a mother who is aid to be more on the wholesome side. Looks like Megan and Betty might be getting a lesson in smoking this season!

Do you think adding new character’s to the final season of “Mad Men” was a wise idea? We try never to question Weiner, but let’s open up the discussion for debate. Leave your opinion in the comments section below.