“Mad Men” returned to AMC Sunday night to begin its “unforgettable” final season. But it looks like the only memorable part of the Season 7 premiere that fans will recall is that it was declared the lowest-rated “Mad Men” premiere since 2008, according to Nielsen ratings. Ouch. Seems like everyone was flipping over from “Time Zones” to HBO to find out what all the “Game of Thrones” hubbub was about. And we don’t blame them — it was gooood.

But don’t worry, Don Draper fans. Just because episode 1 flopped doesn’t mean the entire season will be correlated with less than satisfying numbers. Like Jon Hamm said in reference to his character, things can only go uphill from here!

In fact, we believe “Mad Men” will pick up speed — and viewers — with the debut of episode 2, “A Day’s Work.” And we’ve got the teasing synopsis to prove it! The official description of episode 2 explains that Peggy will receive a bouquet of flowers at the office while Joan will be put in an “impossibly awkward situation.”

OK, here’s what we think of those skimpy descriptions; Joan will be getting a phone call from Roger regarding their relationship. We know the two are currently in a pickle regarding their son, Kevin, but with Joan giving her former lover an inch, we have a feeling Mr. Sterling will be trying to take a mile.

Now, for Peggy we think it’s safe to say those flowers will be from Ted. We’ll call the bouquet “apologetic flowers.” After telling Peggy he wanted to be with her, the conflicted husband quickly changed his mind and hopped on a plane to California for the sake of his marriage. We think Peggy is better off, but who knows if she’ll accept the flowers with an open mind.

Fans are also teased in the synopsis that Pete will "navigate the politics" of new business. Could Pete be going head-to-head with the boys of Madison Avenue? He knows all the ins and outs of Sterling Cooper & Partners, so it wouldn’t surprise us if he became their biggest threat thus far. 

What do you think will happen in episode 2? Let us know in the comments section below and check out the promo for “A Day’s Work” that could give clues as what you should expect next week.