Mad Men season 5 premieres this Sunday, March 25 on AMC at 8 pm and legions of eager fans who have gone without new episodes during the show's 17-month hiatus are still almost completely in the dark regarding where and when the 2-hour long episode will pick up as well how the plot will develop. The biggest question most fans are pondering is whether Don Draper (Jon Hamm) will stay with his ex-secretary Megan Calvet, who he proposed to during the season 4 finale, or end up back with ex-wife Betty (January Jones), who married Henry Francis, a political advisor, last season.

Mad Men creator Matthew Wiener and his cast have kept a tight lid on any details regarding the new season, causing The Guardian to publish an article titled Mad Men's infuriating fatwa on spoilers. However, interviews with Jon Hamm and Betty Draper have still shed some light on what we can expect in season 5.

We're not sure where E! Online is getting their information, but they seem to know more about what will happen in Mad Men's fifth season than anyone else online. In a recent article they state that in Sunday's premiere Don Draper will still be happily involved with Megan, though there's still no word on whether or not they will be married yet or whether the relationship will last.

E! Online also suggested that the plot of Mad Men season 5 may have been written around actress January Jones' real life pregnancy. Jones told them, I was very happily surprised...I'm just really excited for the fans to see Betty's arc this season because I think it's something we've never seen before and it was a challenge for me. If Betty is pregnant in season 5 the question becomes, who's the baby's daddy, Don or Francis?

In an interview with Jon Hamm dropped a few clues himself regarding where his romantic life will take him in Season 5. According to Hamm, Don Draper wants to be happy. Hamm went on to explain that his character didn't really pursue happiness in his personal life in seas four until the last episode, when he proposed to Megan, suggesting that he may decide to stick it out with his fiancé. Then again, Hamm wasn't willing to state with certainty that Don and Betty are officially over. It's tricky, he said.

In an interview with Vanity Fair January Jones didn't reveal much about season 5. However, she did hint that she may be crashing a Mad Men season premiere party if she decides to leave her NY hotel room on Sunday night.

I would love to just dress up as Joan and go to one of those parties, she said. Keep your eye out for me Sunday night! I could be anywhere.

If you can't stand waiting until Sunday check out the 8-bit retro Mad Men choose-your-own-adventure game on YouTube, and see if you can get all three possible endings.