Monday morning's sentencing in Manhattan of Bernard Madoff – convicted of a $63 billion Ponzi scheme – can only be seen in person due to a court ordered video and recording blackout.

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Aside from reserved space for victims and the press, people wishing to attend the 10 a.m. sentencing at the court room can do so only on a first come, first served basis, according to U.S. District Court – Southern District of New York, which announced the arrangements earlier this week. There will also be two overflow rooms equipped with closed-circuit television accommodating additional viewers.

The proceedings will be held in the Ceremonial Courtroom on the 9th floor of the U.S. Courthouse at 500 Pearl Street. The overflow rooms will be the Jury Assembly Room on the first floor and Courtroom 9B, located on the 9th floor.

“With the use of the Ceremonial Courtroom and the two overflow rooms, the Court hopes to accommodate all interested persons,” the court said.

The court warns that electronic devices, including recording equipment, Blackberries and other cell phones or cameras are forbidden and may not be brought into any of the rooms.