A 47-year-old mother lost her three children in a Christmas morning house fire in an upscale Stamford neighborhood in Connecticut that has left five people dead.

Reports are that firefighters had to rescue Madonna Badger, the mother of the children, and a man whose identity is still unknown at this time, after fire engulfed the home shortly before 5 a.m. Sunday.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Badger is a New York advertising executive and that police have said the man was a contractor who was renovating the home.

Stamford Police Sgt. Paul Guzda told GreenwichTime.com that Badger's three daughters --10-year-old and 7-year-old twins -- died in the fire, as well as her parents who were visiting for the Christmas.

Badger was listed in fair condition at Stamford Hospital Sunday afternoon, according to GreenwichTime.com. That report noted that Badger is founder of Badger and Winters. It is a fashion branding consulting firm. 

Her husband, Matthew Badger, was in New York City and was driven by police to Stamford on Sunday.

The Times reported that Badger bought the three-story, 3,300-square-foot, five-bedroom house last December for $1.72 million. It overlooks Long Island Sound. 

The Times report stated that neighbor Charles Mangano said he saw rescuers led Badger and the man away from the house toward an ambulance.

I heard her say, 'My whole life is in there,' as she walked out, Mangano said. They were both obviously in a state of shock.

Neighbors said they heard screams and so they ran outside only to see fire engulfing the house.

Acting Fire Chief Antonio Conte told the media that Stamford Fire & Rescue was first alerted about the first at 4:52 a.m. and rushed to save the five people who were trapped inside.

First units on the scene attempted rescue within the structure, they were pushed back by intense flame and heat, Conte told GreenwichTime.com. As a result we lost five Stamford residents.

Mayor Michael Pavia spoke at a news conference at the scene and said it was a terrible, terrible day in the city of Stamford.

Our heart goes out for the family, friends of these people, as well as the firefighters and emergency medical people, police department and all that were on the scene and are, frankly, suffering as a result, Pavia said, as reported by GreenwichTime.com. Our heart goes out to them and we hope they find peace soon. It's Christmas Day. There probably has not been a worse Christmas Day in the city of Stamford.

The condition of the building is still under investigation, authorities told the media.