Offices around the country no doubt saw many water cooler conversations Monday about the Super Bowl and Madonna's half time performance.

The pop icon was in full force on Sunday night at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, and delivered a show that spurred many opinions.

For the most part, reviews were positive for the Material Girl, who danced in several different costumes, including a Cleopatra outfit. Many questioned whether the performance was a lip sync, or if it had her vocals.

The Los Angeles Times put Madonna's performance this way: We saw Madonna looking absolutely silly as a 53-year-old cheerleader with equally noncheerleaders M.I.A. and rapper Nicki Minaj, and, perhaps most improbable of all, Madonna in front of a church choir pretending to be chaste.

Blogger Perez Hilton said Cee-Lo killed it. He also said Madonna delivered her biggest hits. Apparently, Open Your Heart is among Madonna's biggest hits, according to Hilton.

How did the public feel about Madonna's effort? According to WiredSet CEO Mark Ghuneim on Twitter: Positive 59% Negative 31% Neutral 11%.

Madonna might have been upstaged by M.I.A., a little known singer-rapper who gave the middle finger to the camera for no particular reason other than to get a boost in publicity.

Here's a look back at her performance: