Madonna has vowed to defy the new St. Petersburg law against homosexual propaganda on her upcoming concert in President-elect Vladimir Putin's hometown in Russia in August.   

I will come to St. Petersburg to speak up for the gay community and to give strength and inspiration to anyone who is or feels oppressed. I'm a freedom fighter. My work, my show, my songs, my art is all about freedom of expression. Freedom to choose to speak to act always with humanity and compassion, Madonna wrote on her Facebook page.

The law, which was signed March 7 by St Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, imposes fine for promoting homosexuality and paedophilia among minors.

Calling the new law as disgusting and ridiculous atrocity, the U.S. pop star on her Facebook page said that she will talk about the issue during her concert Aug. 9.

The gay rights activist in Russia had also called her to cancel the upcoming concert. 

However, the singer posted on her Facebook page that she will go through with the concert. She also defended her decision by saying that it would send a stronger message if she went ahead and spoke out against the laws from the stage. I don't run away from adversity, wrote Madonna. I will speak during my show about this ridiculous atrocity.

But the gay rights activist were not happy with her decision and said they would organize protest against the hypocrisy of the singer who claimed to defy the law for gay rights but on the other side is very happy to make profits from concerts in Russia.

We intend to protest against the hypocrisy of pop stars, the head of the city's branch of Gay Russia movement Yury Gavrikov told AFP.

Gay rights activist have organized two Slavic gay parades during her concert in August.

If Madonna or one of the organizers of the concert breaks the city law, they will be punished. She could be fined up to 5,000 roubles (£100), while the organizers could be fined up to 500,000 roubles, The Independent reported quoting the local MP.