Madonna's Instagram post about a "man molesting" her gains mixed reactions from fans. The iconic singer took to Instagram Tuesday to share a somewhat racy picture of a sexy dance routine, in which Madonna is grinding against one of her dancers. 

The "Like A Virgin" singer captioned the image, "I believe this Man is Molesting Me!" and added the hashtag "rebelheartour" to promote her latest concert series.

A few of the fans appreciated Madonna's sexy dance picture and recognized that it was part of a routine, however, there were a few that found the caption upsetting. Some of Madonna's followers wrote "Don’t like" and "This isn't right," while others responded with "Molesting isn't a joke" and how the post is "so weird and wrong."

Meanwhile, other followers were also quick to jump to Madonna's defense and wrote how "it’s just a show" and even advised other critics to "shut up, relax and be happy." One Instagram user even pointed out how that people should "know the context before [they] start hating" Madonna’s post. Other fans remained true to the pop queen and commented on the sexy dance routine was "gorgeous" and how they "wouldn't want [Madonna] any other way."

The 57-year-old singer is now touring Canada for her Rebel Heart tour and to promote her latest album. Madonna's performance at the Air Canada Center Monday featured an impressive stage and a surprise appearance from Nelly Furtado, Toronto Sun reported. Furtado joined the "Material Girl" songstress on stage towards the end of the concert to perform "Unapologetic B----."

Madonna’s Monday performance was the first of two shows held in Air Canada Center and has sold out to 13,500 people. The singer's concert repertoire was filled with new songs from her latest album such as "B----, I'm Madonna," along with the title track "Rebel Heart."  Madonna also included some of her well-loved hits to the concert song list such as Material Girl, La Isla Bonita, among others. 

Madonna is set to tour Europe, the U.S. and Asia in the next six months for her "Rebel Heart" concert series.