Madonna earned the ire of countless fans for being “late” during a concert show in Manchester, England Monday. However, the iconic singer explained that it was beyond her control given the technical “crash” prior the show.

Many loyal Madonna fans were looking forward to see their pop idol perform on stage during the singer’s “Rebel Hearts” concert tour in Manchester earlier this week. However, majority of them became frustrated when the concert started 50 minutes late. Fans even booed Madonna when she eventually took the stage, according to Billboard.

Although she thanked the fans for waiting, Madonna also rebuffed concertgoers who booed her, Billboard reported. Madonna told the concert crowd, "I don’t like to be late, by the way, and all you b------ who keep complaining about it can shut the f--- up. I'm not back there eating chocolates and filing my nails and getting my extensions done."

She then explained that the concert's production team experienced technical difficulties which prevented them from starting on time.

Meanwhile, Madonna also took to Instagram asking fans not to jump to conclusions. She wrote, "FACTS: its good to have them before you jump to conclusions! The Entire video for my show crashed as I arrived for sound check. The back up file was corrupt. We had no choice but to reboot and pray for a good outcome."

In her Instagram post, Madonna relayed how 75 percent of her "Rebel Hearts" concert relied on video lights. With the video crash, they had no choice but to delay the concert since they "can’t play in the dark," the singer explained. She then went on to share the cuts that they needed to make in order to try and keep within the allotted concert time.

Madonna added, "This still brought us past the 11:00 curfew! But we went on and the venue was kind enough to extend till 11:39!! It was their choice not mine to end the show!! [I] always want to finish."

Apart from explaining the technical difficulties they experienced during the “Rebel Hearts” concert in Manchester, Madonna also conveyed her apologies to the fans and thanked them for their support. She wrote on Instagram, "And I'm sorry about that. And i thank all my Rebel Heart fans for understanding! We did our best! And we still had to pay a fine! That's life. PS you still got to see an amazing show!! And only missed 12 minutes!! The #rebelhearttour goes on."