The hits keep coming for Madonna's MDNA tour -- and not in a good way.

The pop singer is being sued for $10 million by the Trade Union of Russian Citizens -- a pro-Kremlin activist organization -- for "damaging the cultural foundations of St. Petersburg," according to the Russian website

The lawsuit is being filed on Friday in Moskovsky Duistrict Court in St. Petersburg, Russia's second-largest city, where Madonna played a concert earlier this month. The group is seeking 333 million roubles -- the equivalent of roughly $10 million -- from Madonna along with the concert's organizer, PMI Corp.

In an interview with the Russian press, union spokesperson Darya Dedova said she believes Madonna violated a recently adopted law that bans the promulgation of homosexuality to minors. "She insulted the believers' feelings," the spokesperson said. "She promoted homosexuality when there were children at the concert and this is forbidden in St. Petersburg. We, the residents of the cultural capital, suffered a colossal moral damage."

According to RT, the organization said if the suit is successful it will use the $10 million to protect city residents from homosexuality and pedophilia.

At her St. Petersburg concert on Aug. 9, Madonna protested the city's gay-pride ban by handing out pink bracelets and speaking out against bigotry toward homosexuals. A sign above the stage said the bracelets show "tolerance for the gay community." Madonna's show of tolerance toward gays reportedly evoked mixed reactions from concertgoers. According to RT, the concert itself was preceded by several "small-scale protests."

In addition to the lawsuit, Madonna reportedly has trouble with a separate group of Russian activists. Parental Control, another St. Petersburg group, filed a letter with police demanding that the singer be charged with violating the city's ban on "gay propaganda."

The European leg of Madonna's MDNA tour has been roiled in controversy. Later this month, the singer is due to return to the United States, where she will open the North American leg of the tour at a concert in Philadelphia.