Magic Day -- a holiday sure to please tricksters everywhere -- is June 12. The holiday is a great reason to have some fun and try new, magic-related activities.

The unofficial holiday set to take place Friday is celebrated across the country, but it is not the only day for celebrating magic. October 31 is known as National Magic Day and reportedly started as day to honor the world-famous magician Harry Houdini in 1938. The October version of a day for magic, however, might perhaps get overshadowed by another holiday -- Halloween -- also October 31. Below are a few activities, tricks and ideas to help celebrate June's version of a magical day:

The crayon trick - Here's an easy illusion from Real Simple that is sure to dazzle. Get a box of crayons, a subject (Real Simple suggests a child) and then use this trick to guess the color of a crayon the subject selects.

Color card trick - This trick comes from Funology. Essentially, your subject picks a card, and using the colors of the deck you're able to pick which card belongs to your subject once they place it back in the deck.

Floating cup trick - The name is self-evident: You make the cup float with this trick from Good Tricks. Or, rather, you use your thumbs to make a cup appear like it's floating. But your audience doesn't need to know that.

Pick a number trick - This trick from Funology involves three friends and three slips of paper. It's a really simple trick to pull off but will still likely stump your friends.

Magic slime - If doing tricks isn't your favorite activity, make some gooey slime courtesy of this recipe via

Magic movie night - Again, if tricks aren't your thing, a good movie about magic would make for a fun evening. Some good options include the Harry Potter series, The Wizard of Oz and the recent hit Frozen.