“Magic Mike XXL” actor Joe Manganiello considers himself “lucky” to find love with fiancée Sofia Vergara. The actor is all set to marry the "Modern family" star, but says he expects it will be difficult to shield their private life from the media.

"That's the tricky part -- staying centered," the 39-year-old recently told Haute Living. "Lucky for us -- and I use this word in the most positive way -- we're very 'normal' people, but 'down-to-earth' would be a better way of describing it. We're very grounded."

The magazine also asked Manganiello about his wedding plans. Without dishing out the exact details, he told the magazine that they have set a date for wedding. "We're a very traditional male-female in that way. [I'll be like], 'What do you need me to do? I'll call the DJ.' "

The couple has a great chemistry together but have they considered starring in a movie together? Managaniello said Vergara “rejected” the idea because she fears they they would make the next “Gigli" -- referring to the 2003 box-office flop that starred Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

Manganiello agreed with his bride-to-be. "We get along so well together; I'm so lucky to have found that right person for me, and I know she feels the same way. We're really good with each other. Why risk [messing] that up?" he said.

The actor also talked about his relationships with his "Magic Mike" co-stars -- Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum, Adam Rodriguez and Kevin Nash. “I’ve really made lifelong friendships with all of the guys,” Managaniello confides. He told the magazine that he has known Matt Bomer since he 18 and they have been “friends for years.” “He was the first call I made when I got the offer; he’s like a brother to me,” the actor said.

“Channing, Adam, Kevin -- we all hung out after the [first] shoot was over, so getting everybody back together was a no-brainer. Now I would consider all the other guys brothers as well,” said the actor, adding that he has “more fun on the first movie than anything I’ve ever worked on in 20 years of acting.”

“Magic Mike XXL” hits theaters Wednesday.