MagneGas Corp. produces metal working fuel and natural gas alternative from liquid waste. The company’s patented Plasma Arc Flow(TM) process gasifies liquid waste, creating a clean burning fuel with lower green house gas emissions than natural gas.

The company today announced its official entrance into the Australia market through the first fuel purchase by MagneGas Australasia Pty Ltd., MagneGas’ exclusive distributor for Australia.

“With our second international fuel sale, we have established a commercial presence — through established distributor relationships — in two prime markets in just three months,” MagneGas President Richard Connelly stated in the press release. “We are starting to realize the anticipated conversion of agreements to action plans. With each such conversion we create the opportunity to grow through two distinct business lines: organically through recurring fuel sales, and in potentially accelerated fashion through big ticket equipment sales.”

The Company formed a distribution partnership with MagneGas Australasia for the region in 2009, and since then, MagneGas Australasia has worked on developing its infrastructure and identifying potential customers. In the future, the company plans on securing a foothold in the coal mining industry.

In the near term, MagneGas Australasia will source product from MagneGas and move toward a longer-term goal of purchasing equipment from the MagneGas to produce fuel locally.

MagneGas said today’s announced fuel sale reflects its continued efforts of its fulfillment process and includes for the first time Cylinder Cradles, a manifold cylinder system on wheels that creates a safer and easier means for transporting MagneGas(TM) cylinders.

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