MagneGas Corporation is the producer of MagneGas – a natural gas alternative and metal working fuel made from liquid waste such as sewage, sludge, manure and certain industrial and oil based liquid wastes. The company’s patented ‘Plasma Arc Flow’ process gasifies liquid waste, creating a clean burning fuel that is essentially interchangeable with natural gas, but with lower greenhouse emissions. MagneGas can be used for metal cutting, cooking, heating, or powering autos.

The company announced today that it has entered into a strategic alliance agreement with Eprida Power and Life Sciences Company. The companies have agreed to collaborate for the combined use of a MagneGas/Eprida system to potentially produce carbon-negative, oxygen-positive fuel, and to leverage the two systems to produce a topsoil supporting amendment and other environmentally friendly products.

Eprida’s technology offers a unique bio-energy platform to transform biomass into a combination of sustainable products, most notably a charcoal-based fertilizer that removes carbon from the air and reintroduces it to depleted topsoil. In combination with MagneGas’ plasma arc flow technology, the integrated platform could produce both a clean fuel whose production removes harmful carbon from the air, producing more oxygen than it consumes when burned and an environmentally friendly additive that regenerates exhausted topsoil and increases crop yield.

The principle of a carbon-negative, oxygen-positive system has never yet been successfully created, so if the two companies are successful and produce the first such system, the potential is huge. The customers of both companies can potentially benefit from having a system that will process their organic waste, while producing fuel and other byproducts in a closed loop system that potentially produces no waste.