One company that has been getting attention from the investment community is Magnum D’Or Resources. The young Florida Company with a Canadian presence has positioned itself to become a global leader in rubber and scrap tire recycling and its Next Generation technology could potentially revolutionize the industry worldwide. Today, all of their hard work was recognized with a major announcement.

In a press release, Magnum, whom recently has been breaking new ground at their Colorado site, announced they would have Colorado State and local representatives visit their facility on November 2nd of this year. The new site, which has been completely cleaned and renovated, will be one of the cornerstones to their future success.

One of the main reasons Magnum has spread so far so fast is Bryan Brammer. Brammer, who serves as Magnum’s COO, came to the Magnum team in September of this year as the Corporate Director of Business Development and Chief Operating Officer of Magnum Recycling USA and decides on the day-to-day operations of the young company’s property production.

Mr. Brammer was asked about the new Colorado site and its affect on Magnum. He was quoted as saying, “We are thrilled to showcase the site to several of our State and Local Representatives showing them what we have already accomplished in such a short period of time. This is only the first step in what is to become a World renowned Rubber Solutions Facility.”

Currently, Magnum is trading in the $1.12 range and has continued to produce positive news. With a proven leader such as Brammer in place and a global presence that continues to grow, Magnum is poised to make a surge on Wall Street and potentially become a household name in the future.