Magnum D’Or Resources Inc. has positioned itself to become a global leader in rubber and scrap tire recycling. The company’s proprietary ‘green’ technology provides a one-of-a-kind solution to all of the challenges in eliminating stockpiles of scrap tires and rubber scrap.

The company announced yesterday that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Magnum Recycling USA, will officially start recycling operations at the Hudson tire landfill on November 12, 2009. This facility consists of 120 acres with an inventory of roughly 35 to 40 million tires, making it one of the largest tire landfills in the world.

Operations at the facility will include sorting, preparation and shredding of tires into miniature pieces. These pre-processed rubber pieces will be accumulated as input into its powder equipment, currently under contract to be fabricated and installed through Magnum Engineering International and its affiliates. In addition, the company began accepting a wide variety of scrap tires just last week in order to create a stream of revenue while waiting for delivery and installation of its powder equipment.

Magnum Recycling USA will begin operations by utilizing its multiple stage shredding system to shred and prepare the newly-delivered tire stock as well as prepare to do the same to its massive inventory of 35-40 million tires. The company’s objective is to reduce the inventory of whole tires into a usable raw feed product for the full powder production lines, once they are installed.