Magnum Recycling USA, a leading next-generation rubber-recycling solutions company that provides a one-of-a-kind resolution to rubber and tire scrap waste, recently announced that the company has secured Weld County, Colorado as one of its tire source and disposal clients for the Hudson Monofill. As the third-most extensive and the ninth-most populous county in the state of Colorado, Weld County is now disposing tires from utility trucks, public works vehicles and county service vehicles to Magnum Recycling.

Magnum Recycling believes that Weld County will set a responsible example for other cities and counties regarding reducing solid waste and minimizing illegal dumping. In addition, this new contract and payments for the disposal of scrap tires will prove to be a solid revenue stream for Magnum’s recycling operations in Colorado.

“Magnum has recycled an enormous amount of tires in a very short period of time since the opening of the Hudson, Colorado facility,” commented Joseph Glusic, chief executive officer of Magnum Recycling USA. “We are currently recycling these tires by shredding them into chips (one- to two-inch nuggets) in order to stockpile feedstock for our next phases which will be the production of fine rubber powders.” Mr. Glusic continued, “These will ultimately eliminate 100 percent of the scrap tires we are taking in and recycling all of the rubber, steel, and nylon cord content from all raw materials.”