The quality and convenience of customer service can make or break the reputation of a business. Especially in such dismal economic times, many companies are looking for ways to standout from their competitors and maintain customer loyalty.

In the pharmaceutical business, Main Line Health and Patient Portal (PPRG.OB) is taking the initiative to offer the “first of its kind” prescription drug convenience plan that will not only save time, but gas money as well.

Main Line and Patient Portal today announced they will collaboratively offer free home delivery of prescription drugs for patients at Bryn Mawr and Lankenau Hospitals. Patient Portal’s MedEx Home Delivery(sm) offers the delivery of discharge prescriptions to the patients, sparing them a trip to the pharmacy on the way home from the hospital.

According to Ivan Scott, director of Nursing at Bryn Mawr Hospital, MedEx not only helps patients once they’ve left the hospital, but may also help in keeping them out of it.

“As caregivers, the value of MedEx goes beyond providing a convenience for patients,” Scott stated in the press release. “Equally important is making sure our patients receive their prescriptions in a timely manner, and quite often their ability to visit a pharmacy upon discharge is not possible. We see MedEx as an opportunity to address our concern for patients who cannot get prescriptions filled, which sometimes results in re-admission or medical complications.”

MedEx offers free refill deliveries, 27/4 access to on-call pharmacists, as well as special offers. The companies believe the ease and convenience of the delivery service should get high marks from patients, and will give physicians a peace of mind that their patients are receiving their medications in a timely matter.

Philadelphia-based Main Line is a comprehensive healthcare resource known for its cardiac, orthopedic oncology, rehabilitation and women’s health services. The company said its decision to use Patient Portal’s services reflects the value of MedEx.

“The fact that Main Line Health chose Patient Portal’s MedEx service is indicative of Main Line’s commitment to providing a superior patient experience,” said Kevin Kelly, president of Patient Portal. “MedEx is a prime example of the mutual benefits that can be gained when industry resources are leveraged toward the common goal of improving healthcare. We are looking forward to a nationwide rollout of MedEx Home Delivery bolstered on our success at Main Line Health.”