Long gone are the days when remote-controlled toy cars got hung up on rocks, smacked into a wall, or rolled over because of a crack in the sidewalk. As technology advances at a rapid pace for every industry under the sun, toys are not to be left out.

MajicWheels Inc. develops radio-controlled toy cars centered on patented climbing device technology that will forever change the landscape for toy cars, raising the bar for remote-controlled toys. MajicWheels, as the name implies, is working on the development of a wall and ceiling climbing toy car. On track for its mission to become a leading player in the toy car market, the company recently announced it is working on the final stages of prototype development.

“MajicWheels is going to offer functionality that children-and even adults-only wish that their current remote-controlled cars could achieve,” MajicWheels CEO Asher Zwebner stated in the press release. “While most cars just start spinning their wheels helplessly at the base of a wall, for MajicWheels that is where the fun begins. MajicWheels climbs walls and ceilings, leaving most remote-controlled cars behind.”

The company utilizes patented technology to create a remote-controlled toy that can climb steep inclines, as well as vertical or inverted surfaces. MajicWheels plans on offering a range of vertically unchallenged cars on a global scale.

“We are pleased that our prototype has entered the final development stages and look forward to offering our products in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes in 2010,” Zwebner added.

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