MajicWheels Inc., a leading developer of all surface climbing toy cars, reports that that a major worldwide distributor of toys has indicated an interest in assisting in the manufacturing and distribution of the company’s toy vehicles. Current discussions include final product details of the toy vehicles and information from advanced market research. The MajicWheels prototype can be seen by visiting

MajicWheels CEO Asher Zwebner commented on recent developments, “We are confident that selecting the right partner can propel our company to great heights and make our remote-control vehicles into household items. Several companies have shown a great deal of interest in vehicles’ technology. MajicWheels technology is attracting the interest of some of the world’s leading toy distributors.”

MajicWheels’ patented technology currently enables its remote-controlled cars to traverse a variety of surfaces, including climbs that are steep, completely vertical or inverted which includes walls or ceilings. The company has innovative patented climbing technology which it intends to leverage to become a leader in the climbing device radio-controlled toy car market. The company’s products are targeted to the 6-12 year-old age bracket and offer a variety of colors and designs.