The major currencies rose against the dollar in the Asian session today after the pessimistic data that was released by the U.S. economy about initial jobless claims, which rose more than expectations to indicate that the U.S. employment sector still soften.

The U.S. dollar retreated against the euro and the sterling pound, while the Japanese yen extended its gains, which lasted three days in a row, as the USD / JPY pair recorded its lowest level in three weeks, which came after the recent advance in the consumer price index in Japan, which exceeded the analysts' expectations, which supported the Japanese Yen.

The USD / Yen pair, reached its lowest level at 81.82 , after recording its highest at 82.32 level.

As, for the Australian dollar against its U.S. counterpart, the pair jumped to cover its previous losses, after it failed to break its support point at 1.0360, to score its highest level at 1.0367 , and lowest at 1.0367.

The NZD/USD pair also rose to follow the Australian dollar and recorded its highest level at 0.8198, while the pair opened today's session at the level of 0.8171, yet it recorded its lowest level at 0.8165 . Yet the pair is targeting the level of 0.8189.