The overall pairs are narrow trading so far throughout the currencies market due to technical movements and as uncertainties and worries are spread ahead of today's FOMC rate decision, knowing that it is highly predicted that the rates will remain unchanged but the Federal Reserve is expected to affirm that the current economic conjuncture of the largest economy is recovering further from the unending downside pressures of the recession.

As a result, the euro-dollar pair is narrow trading with the euro trading at 1.4782 recording a high of 1.4842 and a low of 1.4730 with a resistance at 1.4804 and a support at 1.4751, knowing that the pair shows a strong tendency to rise to the upside according to the four-hour and the one-hour charts stochastic oscillator.

As for the pound-dollar pair, it is consolidated so far but it may slip to the downside according to the four-hour chart momentum indicators, having the royal pound trading at 1.6411 recording a high of 1.6452 and a low of 1.6328 with a resistance at 1.6432 and a support at 1.6384.

Now, turning to the dollar-yen pair, it is plummeting slightly due to technical movements and worries spread, watching so far the low-yielding yen trading around 91.33 recording a high of 91.54 and a low of 90.47 along with a resistance level witnessed at 91.66 and a support level detected at 90.98.