With 2 months in the books for 2010, a lousy January has been offset with a solid February to take US markets to virtually unchanged (using the broader S&P 500 over the narrower DJIA)  After a sizzling 2009 China, Brazil and India have been laggards in 2010 - and Europe has been weighed down by Greece.   By virtue of being the least ugly (versus Europe at least) the US and Japan have been areas of relative strength.  So in an ironic twist, PIMCO's Bill Gross' idea to invest in less levered countries has not been working so far in '10 [Jan 26, 2010: PIMCO's Bill Gross: Invest in Less Levered Countries]

Andrew Horowitz & team over at The Disciplined Investor offer us some nice eye candy for world return's through end of February 2010.

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